Hobbytown Dallas Summer Event – Round 2

Posted: August 3, 2010 in 40k

HTUD Summer Event Mini Report.

This summer (2010), I got to play in a neat event put on by Hobby Town Dallas.  It was a multi round event, with four qualifying game days leading up to a finals event at the end of the summer.  I threw my hat (well, my tau anyway) into the ring, and got to play a couple of great games against some cool guys.

My first game up; Brad and his Black Templars.  Now, I have faced the gun toting zealots before (no, I don’t mean while driving in East Texas) as Templars are my best friend’s favorite list.   So, I had a decent idea of what I would be facing, and to be honest, was a bit concerned about the fate of my blueskins.  I was running a new tau list this weekend, wanting to try out death rain units (crisis suits with dual linked missile pods and flamers) and had two squads of them.

Yeah, I said flamers.  On tau.   I passed up some of my wonderful plasma to get a bit more of the STR7 shooty goodness.  I also thought I would give the lowly fusion piranha one more try.  See, a lot of folks swear by the little guys, with their light armor, poor bs and 12” melta.  I swear by the too, but in most games it was more like this “@#&*(^*(&%!@#”.  See, I know you can block with them, I get that.  I know a lot of folks say they are great tank hunters….but my guys had never lived long enough (well once, then he missed and died in assault) to prove the theory out.  Well, today was their chance, and the took it.

It was a great day, I almost felt like a b-grade (is there an A grade?) wrestling match was happening “is this corner, deployed at 1500 points is Dave and his Tau…”.  Yes, we had spearhead, and annihilation.

I knew I would never beat a BT list in capturing objectives, especially with my list being risky and having only two troop choices.  Corner to corner allowed me to really lay out a nice killing wedge on the table with my guys.  Brad, fearing some of my deployment (he set up second), put a lot of his assets behind cover to give him some protection from my broadsides and my hammer head.  Good call on that, but it also meant he had a lot of ground to cover – I certainly wasn’t coming to him.  Much.  Well, to make a long battle short…or at least not as long, my strategy worked fairly well, and with some good dice karma (I was sooo owed after the Astro event) I managed to take out his transports and attack bikes very early.  Two big events stood out; first, my little fusion fishes of doom – one of the piranhas made it into range to his land raider, hit and zapola.  Yeah, penetrating hit and destroyed.  Of course, the termies that came out nuked me…but that was not the point.  A 65 point skimmer took out a land raider; in one shot. Happy day.

The other big event was from a squad of deep striking termies which made it into my back field.  Normally, this would be disastrous, but I had arranged my firing wedge to be able to put the hurt out both directions – I was had about a bazillion shots to throw at the termies, including several railguns…my plan was brilliant…muhahahahah…

See that wrecked Hammerhead?

Or so I thought.  My broadsides either missed, didn’t wound, or he made the saves…it was tragic.  All my other guys…sure, I had a lot of shots…but none of it AP2.  Yeah, armor save city…with only one termie down after about 20 hits, the marched into my broadsides the next turn.  I managed to eventually whittle them down with a lot of maneuvering, but in the end, once squad of termies ate a LOT of broadsides and a hammer head.

I did manage to win in the end, but just as you can’t count your piranhas out, you can’t always count on your railguns (there were a lot of whiffle bat moments).   Future lists will still have a few death rains, but I have to keep more low AP weapons around for heavily armored units.

The piranhas managed to do well in my second game later (hey sid!) where I got a lesson in how Ork party crashers can eat your warriors faster than a horde of hungry homraguants.   Two other firsts that day (besides the fusion fishies) I used my template blast on my hammer head…and well, orks don’t do well there (insert cheers here) and I managed to use my flamers for the first time.  Want to know how many orks in a horde you can fry with a couple of well placed flamer templates?  (enter Gary Oldman voice clip) “EVERYBODY!” Oh yeah, fried up an entire squad.    It was a good day for the Tau, and an even better day for Dave the gamer (me, jack Burton) as I made a few new friends and had a great time playing army men.



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