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Ode to the Necrons

Recently I got to play my first (finally!) game with my Necrons. Yeah, Necrons. I got hooked on them after reading a friends Codex, and picked up some cast offs on ebay…and eventually got a game!
So, to give another friend of ours whom we recently sucked in (“here, take these marines….”) a good practice game, a few of us set up a casual game over the weekend. 2000 points a side. My two friends (the newer one, and an old vet in our group) each brought 1000 points of marines, and I had 2k worth of my T1000s. I had suspected the old rustbuckets would be a different game for me (I usually play my beloved tau) and I was not wrong.
The first thing one of my friends noticed was my lack of models…oh sure, I got plenty of Necrons (hey, you …wanna buy a wraith?), I just had no idea what 2000 points looks like…and it don’t look like a lot.
Of course the fact that I had smack daddy Nightbringer on the table (oh, you gotta play him, at least once) did not help the point total any. In fact, I built my list more focusing more on getting stuff out to play than I did any kind of real cohesive force…mostly.
We ended up with spearhead and capturing an objective in each other’s corner and had a grand ole time on the battlefield tonight. The game was a blast, with a lot of cool moments, and some great patience from my friend Pat (hi pat!) as I was learning Necrons and our other buddy was still learning (smart guy; just new to 40k).
I won’t bother with a complete batrep, but will detail out a few fascinating events, and my learning from playing with my robots of doom.
1 – No transports and where did they put their objective?
Well, the other guys stuck their objective on top of a tall tower….with a thunderfire cannon. On the other side (well, duh dave) of the board. Looking at my guys not being fleet of foot (literally) and me having about as many transports as a guy stuck in Boston trying to get a rental car (every 30 min? really?) I decided to not even bother to go for their objective. Ironically, neither did they. No troops on theirs…they made a bold move to come get mine…muhahahhaha.

2 – Reserves are not always your friend.
I started the game with a group of warriors and some scarabs in reserve. My theory (at the time…aren’t theories fun) was that I might need extra warriors in case mine died, and the scarabs could deep strike and mess with their back field. Well, the warriors had to come in via monolith (fascinating rule, dat) and my scarabs came in on the last turn…which means as you can’t assault on the turn you deep strike, I basically used them as a blocking unit. Of course, on the other side of the board…in what turned out to be a big “oops” the guys put their only las cannons in reserves…and never made the roll. Ouch! Once I managed to identify the other high strength weapons on the board (a multi melta and a power fist) my ctan had a field day….

3 – Um, there is a Mr. Death here…

Oh, you are gonna get it now...

Ah, the Nightbringer…all 360 lovely points of him. My first impression is that this guy is just nuts powerful…and I was not too far off there. His toughness of 8 makes him VERY hard to damage, but he has a fairly weak save, only 4+…sure, its an invul, but its ONLY a 4+. With 5 attacks and being a big baddy (bypassing all defenses like a determined paparazzi) he is a CC killing machine. I think if I ever face one in the future, you HAVE got to hit this guy with everything you got BEFORE he makes it into assault… Is he nasty? Yep. Is he too good…hmmm…personally, I think is for the most part balanced…I mean…360 points? Dang..thats a trygon prime and the horse he rode in on.

4 – Wraiths…oh yeah!
Ok, these necrons on a stick (well, a spine maybe) are just neat. Move like jet bikes and very durable thanks to their good toughness and 3+ invul. However…without power weapons, or disruption fields…they are not very powerful offensively. Don’t get me wrong, a great addon to any amy…but without the ability to even get more powerful assault upgrades, keep them running from dreds! Very specialized unit…so have to play them smart to get their cost back.

5 – We’ll be back…again, and again…
Ok, I got lucky and made a lot of my we’ll be back rolls…and that was the coolest thing ever. Also, the ability for the monolith to suck up a squad hoover style and give rerolls, yeah, that was quite the bomb as well. Very useful trait. I am thinking if I face these guys with my tau, the lords are going to be railgun bait…right after that pesky…

6 – The temple of DOOM!
Ah, the monolith…how I love thee. Sure, it’s a ton of points, not really a transport and got immobilized with a lucky shot from a krack missle…but dang, that’s things just cool. Splaying hot fields of green death and able to move (sort of) troops around…very useful. In fact, once I realized the las cannons were in perpetual reserve and I took out the melta, this baddy had a field day…until I got popped with a missile launcher and immobilized. But hey, Necrons happen…

7 – Calling Mr Heavy…
So, three heavy slots is not a lot for necrons. Why you may ask? (ok, its rhetorical). Because all of the choices (and there ain’t a whole lot of choices in a Necron army…) are very good. I already covered the big black box above, so that leaves me to the Heavy Destroyer and the Tomb Spider. One of the biggest changes that supposedly beat Necrons with the nerf bat in 5th edition, was that their main anti-vehicle trick (getting glances with Gauss weapons) no longer could destroy tanks. Was this a huge deal? Well, see how many folks still play Necrons. Go ahead, look it up, I’ll wait. Anyways, there are not a lot of las cannon quality weapons in their arsenal (as opposed to the swarm of las equipped razorbacks I saw the other day….dang!), which makes the Heavy Destroyer VERY valuable, and I ain’t just talking their massive 65 point cost either. So, you gotta have em, and keep em alive….which leads me to my next heavy unit…(no pun intedned).

10 – Da Roach of Death!
So, I was wondering just how useful a tomb spider might be; I mean, their basic role gives better chances for Necron self repair rolls (longer range, and can repair more nasty damage). I picked up one of these guys, and made sure I kind of shifted all my fronts around so he was in range of several units. Did it make a difference? Was it a good plan? No, yes. What? Well… Between my opponents not making the reserve rolls for THEIR ONLY LAS Cannon and my ruthlessly killing their only melta and power fist…it turned out I did not need any of the spiders uber pit stop prowess. So, a waste of points? Ask the termies who deep struck right behind them. Yes, papa roach is a monstrous creature. He managed to finish off a squad of deep striking termies so well it was awesome. Ah, my broadsided weep (see my write up of my BT game in the HTUD tournament).

So, overall we had a lot of fun, and I managed to get a good flavor for the Necrons as did my buddies; to their credit none of us never knew what he little rustbuckets were capable of before the game. Overall, I really like them…who doesn’t love a marine save with essentially feel no pain (about the equal of the Well’ be back effect) thrown in. I do want to try some of the tricks of the Necron lord next time (it’s a long list) and still have to see what is up with the Pariahs and Flayed ones (I had some of the ginsu guys in my game, but they did not get a ton of encounter time – the jury is still out). Until next time, keep them dice rollin…


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