Hobbytown Dallas Summer Event – Finals

Posted: August 25, 2010 in 40k, Uncategorized

And then there were four…

This past weekend, I played in the HobbyTown 40k summer finals.  It was a lot of fun, and some intense competition; most of the players there had been playing for many years (Nick; 16 years, Me: 6 months) and I had a great time.

Of course, it would have been cool to actually win some of the games…but I digress.

Sad dice rolls

Six shots at BS3...

It was a “full Scoring” event, which meant you got points for more than just gameplay, but a lot of other cool factors as well.   I had already painted *most* of my guys, and made custom bases for my tanks (will make a post on that soon, no, really…) so I did ok in the army appearance category….

One neat factor, was extra points for NAMING your units, and coming up with a bit of backstory…I have to say this was actually a bit of fun…as I played around a bit with the names….

My List – Or “They won’t shoot your Etherals…”

I decided to run with an updated list, which is a mix of tanks suits and firewarriors for wrapping (yo!) units and piranha’s for blocking and melta support.  It was a 1500 point hybrid list.  Ok, sorry bout da Yo!  Anyways…

Recently on a few blogs I had read about throwing an tau Ethereral in there to help with leadership checks (he gives rerolls to any units in LOS).  Pretty cool stuff…as all Tau players hate it when a squad of broadsides runs off the board after losing a drone.  The really cool stuff, is that you can re-roll successful checks as well…for those times you WANT your guys in assault to run…heh.

The consensus on the net was that enemy players wont’ bother to shoot at your Ethereal, which is good because there are bad consequences if he gets killed.  Well, my opponents apparently never read those articles…yep, he got ganked in the first turn in two games.     Oh well…

On to the Games!

First game; Tau vs. Eldar.

Capture objectives in each starting zone.

For a dying race, I have to say the Eldar sure can put up a fight.  This was an intense game, with a VERY good player (Mike S, hey mike!) – I managed a draw on this one.

I had a good time however and learned a few key things…

  • Those are not tanks, they are transports!
  • Said transports have MELTA SQUADS IN THEM!!!  (ah, lost my rail head there).
  • War walkers have a bazillion shots (8 S6 shots each…ouch!)
  • Piranha’s can be used for blocking…sometimes.
  • Getting a “stun” with a railgun is painful….twice.

Overall it was a good game, and worked out to a draw in the last turn.  Very intense, and I learned a lot.  Mike was a very good player and a good sport about a few of my questions.

One minor ironic element; I got advice on how I could have done better by two experienced players….one told me I needed to get closer to the enemy to control more of the board.  The other told me I should have stayed farther away and relied more on my superior range.  Go figure…

Game Two: Salamanders of DOOM!!!

Dawn of war; my favorite.  Night fighting – just neuter my best asset (range).

Ok, before you say that “hey, you are tau, you get rerolls on night fighting”, yes, I know I do.   My response…I have a 72″ range weapon, one of the balancing factors of my army.   There is no way I am going to roll 72 on three d6x2 even with re-rolls.

This was a very intense game, against Nick and his Vulkan lead Salamanders (Space Marines..oh joy!).   Salamanders are just nasty, they give up almost nothing for the ability to re-roll flamer and melta attacks.  yeah, thats nice.

Anyway, a drop pod right next to my objective filled with marines and their boss, it just did not look good.   I put a LOT of shots into them, and while I did manage to whittle them down, between cover saves and vulkans 3+ invul…it did not go well for the greater good.  Of course, the scout squads in the land speeder storms did not help either.

I made a few very bold moves in this game, and a few paid off…but the dice gods were not always kind (24 shots ; 3 dead marines…with plasma.  Yeah…).    I fought hard, but in the end could not pull it out.  I managed to contest one objective, but in the end barely missed the other…and I mean BARELY (by 1/8″ of an inch…literally).

I had planned to do the drone hop from a piranha, and my opponent had done an excellent job at blocking…so well in fact, that although I fired a ton into his blockers (dang termies), he had enough to stop me.    Fascinating note…I managed to get ONE drone in to contest…..but I did not have room for the second (drones are in a squad of two) and maintain coherency…by 1/8th”.  Yeah…oh well.

A few lessons learned;

  • Dawn of war happens, blacksun filters might be useful on railgun units…maybe.
  • If a drop pod full of marines lands on your objective, but has cover….abandon it, and go for theirs.
  • Markerlights are not just for BS….reducing cover saves is some times just as good or better.
  • Melta’s are brutal against crisis suits.  Rerolled ones are worse

Good game, had fun, learned a few lessons….*almost* tied.  Got a lot of good feedback from the other guys on my play.

Leaping Lizards! – Eldar Exodite army

Picture of Eldar Exodite Army

Very Cool Exodite Army

Annhilation, kill points, me vs. another VERY experienced Eldar player.   He had 9 kill points on the board.  I had 18.  Uh oh.    This was a fun game, but nasty as Tommy P. had a ton of Jet bike assault units with tough assault abilities.

The coolest thing about this army is that it is 100% conversions….all the eldar are mounted on giant lizard type creatures…its just visually stunning.  Very cool.  Too bad they ate me…

The basic tau philosophy is to shoot incoming assaulters before they can get to you.   Sadly, with jet bikes, this is only one turn of firing…and firing I did!  I killed a LOT of those guys….but not enough.   This was a good game, but to be honest a bit frustrating.   Not because I lost (numbers wise, it was a draw….kill points wise…..), but because I was not sure what I could have done better.  In the other games, I learned my mistakes, and how I could have adapter/been smarter etc.  Well, I did learn that I had “assaulting multiple units” rule wrong….but…I was talking more about how I could have been more successful in the game.

I got a bit of comfort from my opponent who even indicated that I was hosed from the get go…(fast mobile assaulters with good saves… and much less kill points to give up).   I love to play Tommy and his exodites again, as I need more experience in dealing with that nasty seer council (re-rolls on invulnerable saves?  say what?) and he was a great guy in in regards to playing a noob.

Regardless I had fun, learned a lot and made some new friends.

And that is a win in my book!


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