I am, therefore I game…

I am Dave.  I am a Gamer.  This is my website devoted to a few aspects of my gaming adventures.

I play a lot of games, mostly wargaming and tabletop RPGs, but with a smattering of traditional computer gaming thrown in.  This will be a collection of my random musings about my various gaming exploits.  This also includes my latest interest obsession with terrain building for tabletop wargaming and RPGs.

I have played a lot of games over the years, and made a lot of terrain recently, and a lot of people have said “hey, how did you make that” or “I wish I knew how to make this stuff…”  Well, this page.

There is a heavy amount of terrain building in here, with a bit of modeling and painting thrown in as well.  There may be some ocassional reviews on model kits and hobby supplies, or just other various gaming related talk.

Of course, Dave the gamer is a diverse guy, so hopefully this page will inspire me to get some of my other writing projects going.


Dave the Gamer