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Warning: Learning Curve Ahead…

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Gaming, Tactics

The Learning Curve: Steeper than you think….

Sad dice rolls

Ok, sometimes, its the dice...

Recently we got a few new friends hooked on the plastic price sink known as 40k. One of the coolest things about our gaming group, is that most of us are fairly smart guys, and we love gaming (hmm…I hope those two are not mutually exclusive…note to self; don’t ponder this too much). In fact, a lot of us pick up things pretty quick, and we have a lot of very talented guys in the group in various fields.

One interesting thing with 40k is that while the ruleset is actually not too complex (compared to others)…the game its self can be very intricate in terms of tactics and learning curves. Throw in multiple armies all with different styles and special abilities, and the scope of this simple game with little plastic men becomes immense.
This can be challenging for new players…sure, you can get the rules down with a lot of reading and few sessions…but actually playing the game…or playing it well…that is another story. Besides the nuances, there are a bazillion tactical choices in almost every single turn (well, except that time my Tau got monkey stomped by a bunch of deep striking termies…my best action was somewhere between “tactical retreat” and “pee and whimper”). This is a function of placement, weapons, skills, terrain, scenario, units, time of day and even more. Throw in the fact that just maybe when you think you have something figured out….you meet another army for the first time, and bam..its a whole new game all over again. I remember my first game against Orks with a battle wagon and a Kustom Forcefield…oh, the Humanity (or whatever Tau would say).

Of course, none of this even takes the most challenging part of the game into account; the other player.
Yeah. Being somewhat clever and smarter than an average bear (well, maybe, I can’t open some of the food packets they can), experience counts a LOT in this game…a whole lot. This is a hard lesson to learn for guys used to picking up things quickly. This was recently demonstrated er…pounded into me in an event…where I ran into some guys with a LOT more experience. Like decades more. While I actually did ok, it was quite the challenge and took everything I had just to tie in some of the games…the experienced guys? They made it look easy.

So, if you find yourself not doing as well as you would like in your early games, go easy on yourself (and your amry) and keep at it, this is an amazingly dynamic game….well worth the investment of time and fun.