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Recently there was a post on one of the awesome Tau boards I frequent (ok, so maybe not THAT often…), second sphere.

Someone was asking about either using Fireknife suits (missile pod, multi-tracker and plasma rifle) vs. Helios suits (plasma rifle, multi tracker, fusion blaster).

Basically, a lot of the people preferred the Helios, as it is very specialized.  However, you look at a LOT of tau lists out there, and the plasma/missile pod is one of the most common builds.  Why the two points of view?

Because one is a multi-role suite the other specialized.

  • Fireknife – AP2 plasma combined with long range AP4 Missile pod.  It can shoot at light transports and monsterous creatures at long range, gets a single plasma shot at mid range (24″) and a second plasma at 12″.  This is a all around good suit.
  • Helios – AP2 plasma with AP1 fusion blaster. At 12″ this thing puts out three very nasty shots…you can melt vehicles with it, and kill termies.  Very nice.  Very specialized.  12″ is very dangerous as it can put you at risk for a lot of things.
Single role and specialization VS. multi role and cross functionality.
Specialization refers to a unit being : anti infantry / anti tank / blocking etc.
Muti role is when a unit can do more than one function.
(for example, many consider a hammer head with a rail gun to be BOTH anti infantry (sub-munitions blast) and anti tank (rail shot).
I can tell you this, multi role functionality has a lot more room for error in a list and is more forgiving if you lose a unit early one (either due to player error, or bad dice, or a nasty deep strike …what ever).  This can be very helpful for a player who is still building up their experience level.
Where as, if you can set them up well, specialized units will always excel at their given role.
So it is a choice of do you want more versatility or more effectiveness with a higher level skill required to implement?
Try both, see what works for you…
May the dice be with you.