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40k Forgeworld: Tyranid Malentrope

Posted: February 14, 2011 in 40k, Modeling, Tyranids

After my resin-pusher friend asked me if I wanted in on a group Forgeworld order, I scraped up some cash, and picked up a Tyranid Malentrhope.  I had looked at this thing for quite some time, and have to say the model is just …creepy.  Yeah, flying space zombie-roach suck out your brains while you sleep creepy.  Once I found out he was an IA HQ choice…I knew I needed one!!!  (I will post later about the gaming aspect of this critter).

The model is of excellent detail, and conveniently separated into two parts, where I magged him for easy storage (my bug case is only about 4.5″ deep).   After a bit of flash cleaning I painted him up.  Now back to other (bigger) projects…

Construction steps;

WIP Shot

WIP Shot

  • Wash and ultrasonic cleaning to get off mold residue
  • Test fitting, sanding, drilling and magnet (1/4″ x 1/16″) installation
  • Primer white with Armory primer (Bug and base)
  • “Skin” paint with my nid green (Golden Airbrush Perm Light Green)
  • Carapace paint with my nid red (Vallejo Parasite)
  • Nasty bulbous parts with my nid tan (Vallejo Diserto Desert Yellow)
  • Tentacles in nid tan
  • A bit of highlighting with yellow on some icky parts
  • Assembly with superglue
  • Very careful dipping

I was VERY pleased with the results.  He looks just gooey and nasty!!!

Malentrhope Base

For the base, I was going with my nid theme of grassy world slowly being taken over by nid-bio forms.

  • Light sanding and cleaning

    Base with nid forms on it

    Base with Nid Stuff

  • White primer
  • base coated a taupe for easy blending.
  • glued severed guard gun and hand with nid bits
  • painted several rocks and lasgun black
  • grey dry-brushing on several rocks
  • red/brown dry-brushing on selected rocks
  • Red goo on arm
  • dry-brushing on lasgun (reaper shadowed steel)
  • Glue and flock

Here are the steps for the nid growth

  • Hot Glue base for ‘goo”
  • Melted straws and nid bits
  • painted nid colors
  • carefully varnished with my “nid dip”.


Pic of completed model

Can you say "ewwwww"

I managed to knock this guy out in one evening, an overall I am very happy with the look, I am prolly going to mount his base to a standard 60mm GW base, just for stability and consistency with my army. Its really cool to finally have my nid-basing scheme finalized. play with him.

This is a great model, with tons of detail and a fun kit to put together; not too many parts, and an excellent base.  I did find the skimmer base stand (the clear rod thingamabob) not quite as strong as I would like for mounting, but I tried to make sure I drilled out the attachment points enough to ensure a good fit.   I may later go back and replace the cheap plastic rod (with bubbles in it? Really GW?) with some of my acrylic stock.

Base Detail

Base Detail

I did notice that his colors are slightly off in these pictures, but thats prolly due to a combination of my poor photo skills and not having my actual camera (yeah, those things phones are slowly replacing for casual pics) handy.   I do love the glossy effect of the varnish I am using; its a pain to work with but gives the exact look I was wanting.

This guy looks really cool in person, hopefully I will get to use him in lots of games!

One thing on this guy; it was an approach of completing one model (or unit) at a time.  Instead of just putting him together and getting primer (or even basecoat on him) I wanted to push through and end up with a completely finished model.  This was inspired in no small part to many of my friends who have just done some amazing model and painting work.  I have to admit, it was a bit of work, but very gratifying to have this little nightmare complete.  Now, back to my huge terrain project…