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40k Forgeworld: Tyranid Malentrope

Posted: February 14, 2011 in 40k, Modeling, Tyranids

After my resin-pusher friend asked me if I wanted in on a group Forgeworld order, I scraped up some cash, and picked up a Tyranid Malentrhope.  I had looked at this thing for quite some time, and have to say the model is just …creepy.  Yeah, flying space zombie-roach suck out your brains while you sleep creepy.  Once I found out he was an IA HQ choice…I knew I needed one!!!  (I will post later about the gaming aspect of this critter).

The model is of excellent detail, and conveniently separated into two parts, where I magged him for easy storage (my bug case is only about 4.5″ deep).   After a bit of flash cleaning I painted him up.  Now back to other (bigger) projects…

Construction steps;

WIP Shot

WIP Shot

  • Wash and ultrasonic cleaning to get off mold residue
  • Test fitting, sanding, drilling and magnet (1/4″ x 1/16″) installation
  • Primer white with Armory primer (Bug and base)
  • “Skin” paint with my nid green (Golden Airbrush Perm Light Green)
  • Carapace paint with my nid red (Vallejo Parasite)
  • Nasty bulbous parts with my nid tan (Vallejo Diserto Desert Yellow)
  • Tentacles in nid tan
  • A bit of highlighting with yellow on some icky parts
  • Assembly with superglue
  • Very careful dipping

I was VERY pleased with the results.  He looks just gooey and nasty!!!

Malentrhope Base

For the base, I was going with my nid theme of grassy world slowly being taken over by nid-bio forms.

  • Light sanding and cleaning

    Base with nid forms on it

    Base with Nid Stuff

  • White primer
  • base coated a taupe for easy blending.
  • glued severed guard gun and hand with nid bits
  • painted several rocks and lasgun black
  • grey dry-brushing on several rocks
  • red/brown dry-brushing on selected rocks
  • Red goo on arm
  • dry-brushing on lasgun (reaper shadowed steel)
  • Glue and flock

Here are the steps for the nid growth

  • Hot Glue base for ‘goo”
  • Melted straws and nid bits
  • painted nid colors
  • carefully varnished with my “nid dip”.


Pic of completed model

Can you say "ewwwww"

I managed to knock this guy out in one evening, an overall I am very happy with the look, I am prolly going to mount his base to a standard 60mm GW base, just for stability and consistency with my army. Its really cool to finally have my nid-basing scheme finalized. play with him.

This is a great model, with tons of detail and a fun kit to put together; not too many parts, and an excellent base.  I did find the skimmer base stand (the clear rod thingamabob) not quite as strong as I would like for mounting, but I tried to make sure I drilled out the attachment points enough to ensure a good fit.   I may later go back and replace the cheap plastic rod (with bubbles in it? Really GW?) with some of my acrylic stock.

Base Detail

Base Detail

I did notice that his colors are slightly off in these pictures, but thats prolly due to a combination of my poor photo skills and not having my actual camera (yeah, those things phones are slowly replacing for casual pics) handy.   I do love the glossy effect of the varnish I am using; its a pain to work with but gives the exact look I was wanting.

This guy looks really cool in person, hopefully I will get to use him in lots of games!

One thing on this guy; it was an approach of completing one model (or unit) at a time.  Instead of just putting him together and getting primer (or even basecoat on him) I wanted to push through and end up with a completely finished model.  This was inspired in no small part to many of my friends who have just done some amazing model and painting work.  I have to admit, it was a bit of work, but very gratifying to have this little nightmare complete.  Now, back to my huge terrain project…



On the Road Again…

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Modeling, Uncategorized
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The Road Fire Warriors…er…

Tau of Cadre Marriott

So, as some may know (or not, really) my day job involves me traveling quite a bit, which has a lot of cool parts to it; I get to see lots of awesome places around the country and rack up more air miles than a company of Elyssians.  One drawback to this, is that while I don’t mind being on the road, I DO miss being at home with family and friends.

Including my little plastic guys…who desperately need a real paint job!  My solution? Bring em along (the plastic guys, my friends don’t fit in my carry on…we tried).  They don’t take up companion tickets and with my streamlined packing skills I can bring a bunch of minis and some paint along while on the road.

I can’t really travel with glue or files and knives (ya think?), so assembly it out, but with some careful planning and careful packing of my “liquids” bag, I can actually get a lot of painting done.

The reaper paints in small bottles travel well!

First thing, I try to pick out a bunch of models which are in similar stages of paint job, so I can kind of work on them assembly line style.  This can either be a dozen fire warriors, or one week, I brought three skimmers.  One thing; no airbrushing, so everything had to be primed and basecoated already…so, detail work only!

For the less travel inclined, airport travel rules say all your liquids and gels have to fit in a one quart ziplock, and be in containers less than three ounces.  While this is a challenge for many travel novices, for us veterans we can cram little containers in there like Boyz in a trukk.  I get about almost a dozen of my paints in there; while not enough for some serious graffiti in the restrooms in Pittsburgh (you would not believe), its plenty for painting minis in your hotel room.

A few pointers

  • IF security asks about your little bottles, tell them “They are water colors, I am an artist”  They might not know what the hell acrylics are.
  • You can use the disposable in room coasters for paint pallets
  • Make sure to set up near the lights or windows, so you an see.
  • Don’t use their towels for cleaning brushes…they get testy at that.
  • Try to keep your little bottles cleaned up when you are done…room service might freak out if they think you are running a meth lab.
  • Take along a good assortment of brushes; you don’t need to keep em in your bag, put them in you luggage.

So, the next time you might be on the road but need to paint some minis before an upcoming event which you spent all of your free time making terrain for (who dat?), bring your colors and plastic men (or bugs, etc.) along for the ride….